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My Friend Is Dating My Ex: How to Feel About It

Have you ever been in the situation when you suddenly learn that your ex is dating your friend? Felt bad, huh?

Well, it’s probably normal to feel betrayed at that moment. It hurts, it’s awkward, it feels sad and frustrating.

The first thing you should know is that is your ex has moved then you should move on too. Do not let your emotions ruin your life and make you feel miserable. Clear your mind, try to feel positive and be grateful for the experience you’ve had with your ex. You had wonderful moments together, right? So there’s no need to feel mad at this person, you were mutually in love once.

The hardest thing is trying to be happy for them. It’s way more difficult that just calm down and let it go. It will finally come with time, you don’t have to push this “feeling happy”, you’ll get there soon, don’t worry.

You know what? Why should you feel sad about that? Imagine if your ex gets into relationships with an awful person who will treat him/her as a piece of you know what. Would you want that? No. So if we assume that your friends are nice and caring people, let’s just feel happy that your ex is in the right hands.

The thing you should always remember is that no one is your property. You can’t just think “This person is only mine”. A house can be yours, a car can be yours, a bad can be yours, but not a person. You are not together anymore , so it’s better to just let it go.

Of course, all the said above is reasonable when your ex is a good person and your friend is really close to you. Another thing is when your ex is a moron lol. Then you just have to warn your friend that it’s not a really good decision for them to date. You don’t want your friend to feel heart-broken too, right? So if your friend is genuinely happy, the best thing to do is to support her/him. This is clear as a day: just because you broke up with your ex doesn’t mean he/she can’t be happy, even if the person making him/her happy is your friend.

And you know what? If they break up, you will have so much in common with your friend, lot more you’ve had before. So be ready to talk things and be judgemental lol.

To sum up, it’s necessary to note that nobody will give you the right answer to the question “What do I have to do if my friend is dating my ex?”. It’s only up to you to decide whether you can bear it and still be close to your friend after all this. Give it some time and when it passes you will finally come to the right decision. Just don’t act in the heat of the moment, it’s hard for the three of you so be patient and pull overtime.  

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