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The Best Kiss Ever: 15 Secrets from Good Kissers

Everyone wants to be a good kisser. A good kiss on the first date can lead you to success in a future relationship. A bad kiss, instead, can ruin everything. But what is the best kiss ever? How to become a good kisser if you’ve never kissed before?

Here we collected 15 kissing advice from people who know how the best kiss ever should feel like.

Good kissers respect their partner

A good kisser will never force you to do something that you don’t want. Your comfort is their priority and they never cross the line.

Good kissers are attentive to details

The best kiss ever is not a simple kiss. It should include little details like touching your hair or holding your hand. A good kisser will always notice what you like and will use it to make your experience even better.

Good kissers know the right time

The right time and the right place are very important for a perfect kiss. To have the best kiss ever you should not only consider the techniques of the kiss itself but also where and when you will have it. The right mood of your partner will turn any kiss into the perfect one.

Good kissers stay fresh

You may think that it’s a simple rule but it’s extremely important. No matter how good you are, no one will ever kiss you if you smell like onions.

Good kissers use lip balm

Do you think this part meant only for girls? Well, you are mistaken. Having nice soft lips is critical for any good kisser. Actually, nowadays there are plenty of men’s lip balms, so now guys can impress their girlfriends with soft and smooth kisses.

Good kissers never stop on lips only

Who said kissing is only about lips? There is a whole body to explore! A good kisser will never stop on kissing lips only. They will go down by the neck, stop on ears and collarbone… Basically, if you are acting smoothly there are no restrictions for you. Just remember that it’s important to respect your partner’s privacy and hear if he/she says no.

Good kissers never go straight-forward

The thing about good kissers is that they never just kiss you but they make you want it. They never start with a kiss itself but they kind of turn you into the kissy mood. The way this person looks at you, touches your hair or bite a lip tells a lot about his/her intentions.

Good kissers use their hands

It’s always a big question: where to put your hands while kissing. A good kisser always knows how to make their partner feel even better. You have plenty of options:

  • Hands on both sides of their head with sliding into the hair
  • One hand on the lower back and one on the neck (this one is for guys mostly)
  • Hands on their chest
  • Both hands around their body (so it would seem like you are hugging)
  • Keeping both hands on the neck or going slowly down with your hand

You don’t have to stick to these examples and can always improvise while kissing.

Good kissers stay calm

We know that kissing (especially the first kiss) is a nervous process. But what makes a good kisser really a professional is staying calm and confident. This is a good trick to learn.

Good kissers close their eyes

You know why good kissers always close their eyes? When you close your eyes, your other senses start perceiving other senses deeply and you kiss starts being more passionate.

Good kissers never complain about bad kissers

No one is born as a good kisser. It all comes with a practice, so the best way to turn a bad kisser into a good one is to teach them. A good kisser will never complain about someone who doesn’t have such skills as you are.

Good kissers can hold their tongue

Putting your tongue everywhere will never make you a good kisser. Try to combine the different techniques and surprise your partner with your new skills.

Good kissers make it cute

A good kiss is never a planned one. Facing each other on a bus? Kiss her on tip of the nose. Accidentally bumping into each other on the street – a quick kiss on the chick. A good kisser makes their kisser spontaneous and nice at the same time.

Good kissers never nibble

It might be a very passionate kiss with a bit of lip biting. But until a good kisser will be sure that your partner will like it, they will never do it.

Good kissers keep it real

A good kisser makes their partner feel that you really want it. They never do it because they “should” do it, but only because they feel good and sure about you. This is one of the rightest ways to recognize a good kisser and experience the best kiss ever.

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